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REDSTAR, LLC was started in 2004 in Leigh, NE with the future in mind. Formally RMS,LLC, REDSTAR has quickly grown into one of the most trusted Full-Service Ag Dealerships serving Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Illinois, Kansas and Colorado.

With 4 locations throughout Nebraska and Minnesota, REDSTAR’S product and service offerings include; Seed, Seed Treatment, Biologicals, Liquid Starters, Micro's, Foliar’s, Conventional and Dry Fertilizers, Chemicals, Adjuvants, Amino Acids, Precision Farming and MORE. REDSTAR has stood the test of time in this competitive industry, breeding growth and success from forward-thinking and finding ways to create, build and deliver products and services better than their competitors. 


REDSTAR has set itself apart from other Ag Dealerships by simply being different. As a company REDSTAR embraces change, while remaining focused and driven towards the goals of the company. We understand the same old methodology may not be the best method and are willing to think outside the box. As an innovative company we continue to dream big while remaining grounded and realistic. If there's a way to do it better-we will find it. Always planning and preparing for the success of our growers, for now and in the future.



REDSTAR trusts the top Seed Corn Brands on the market, offering the latest technologies and traits. By offering a variety of Seed Brands, REDSTAR is able to offer genetic diversity, trait diversity, and lower your farm risk.


Our Team is not only knowledgeable in trait packages and seed treatments, but also well-educated in agronomic principles such as fertility, soils and weed/insect/disease control.

We understand that as a grower you need a trusted partner. A partner that's going to bring the technologies offered to life on the farm and make the recommendations you need to maximize the productivity of that acre.


Our Team bases recommendations off of facts, data and experience, not on sales. Adding value beyond the seed in the bag is important to our Team at REDSTAR. That value comes in many forms such as advice on planting population, specialized technology, soils, crop protection, equipment, data analysis and more.

  • Multiple Seed Brands

  • Corn 

  • Soybeans

  • Milo

  • Sunflowers

  • Alfalah 

  • All Cover Crops including Blends

  • Seed Tenders Available

  • Bulk/Pro Box Options

  • Efficient Pickup and Delivery Options

Providing our Team with a level of expertise and knowledge is a high priority to us at REDSTAR. Training and education come in many forms, ranging from field days to see first hand product performance, to meeting with company agronomists to learn about the latest crop-production and management practices, new traits and seed numbers as well as weekly updates during the growing season on potential crop problems and more.


In a highly competitive seed industry, ever-changing questions challenge companies like ourselves to constantly look for ways to better serve our growers. You can always TRUST REDSTAR to be the answer to your hard questions. 


*All Seed Corn Brands in REDSTAR’S Portfolio offer excellent seed quality standards. Going over and beyond, REDSTAR takes it one step farther.  To ensure the product is meeting Our Own Standards, REDSTAR quality tests every lot number through a genetic screening process.




Seed treatments, for most growers, have become a standard management practice to enhance stand establishments and get seedlings off to a healthy start – proving to be a great option for maximizing crop success. REDSTAR’S own line of BRANDED Seed Treatments protect your seed safely, while providing good early-season control and improving seed germination, seedling emergence, plant vigor, stand establishment and total yield, while helping to ensure the crop reaches its full genetic potential. 

  • Custom treat Seed for any type of brand of seed

  • State of the art technology

  • We offer pickup services, treatment, and return delivery

  • We provide any custom combination of the following treatments:

    • Fungicide

    • Insecticide

    • Biological Stimulants

    • Nutritionals

    • Inoculants

    • And More

As the size of REDSTAR continues to grow within the market, so does our ability to access the best pricing and products. Our team has years of experience in navigating the market, always having your bottom line in the forefront. 


REDSTAR offers a full line of fertilizer options including conventional, dry’s, liquids, in-furrows, foliars, and biologicals. 

Through our branded REDSTAR FERTILIZER line, you have access to unique, top-quality and proven fertilizers built specifically by REDSTAR for our customers growing conditions. REDSTAR FERTILIZER is purpose driven in the intent of building products that are designed to get your crops off to a great start and keep them thriving during the growing season. After almost 20 years of leading growers to higher yields, our brand has proven to lead the way. 





REDSTAR shops every chemical manufacturer to provide you with the most effective, high-quality products at competitive prices. We deliver, offer equipment rental services, free pump and meter usage, and also provide custom applications making it fast, easy, and efficient. Our chemical experts have extensive knowledge in a large range of products both generic and name brand. 

  • Competitive products and pricing

  • Manufacturer backed warranties

  • Custom fills

  • Use of accurate and high-performance pumps and meters on mini bulk tanks

  • Custom application through sprayers, aerial spraying, and drones in a timely manner

  • Ample storage to fit your chemical needs

Adjuvants are added to crop protection products to enhance the effectiveness of the pesticide, insecticide or herbicide, and improve the overall performance. These additives can range from drift control, stickers, wetting agents, water conditioners and penetrants.

REDSTAR offers an exclusive line of Adjuvants through REDSTAR BRANDED. Our line of Adjuvants consist of standard and all-in-ones. Our Adjuvants are made with the highest quality ingredients that can fit any of your farm's needs, from your low cost option to all in one ready to use.





REDSTAR offers biological solutions to farmers that keep their farms healthy. Biological products help manage plant diseases; enhance nutrient uptake and improve crop growth; manage insects and related pests; and manage weeds. Whether fertilizer and commodity prices are high or low, REDSTAR believes by utilizing biology along with a solid nutrition program your operation will be positively impacted year after year.

REDSTAR offers simple solutions to biologicals. Many of our top products contain a REDSTAR BRANDED biological. 1 jug, one mix, less cost. Our BRANDED biologicals also have the highest biological CFU counts among the industry. Biologicals, built to work on multiple nutrients, not just individual ones

The application of amino acids in crops has become a common practice. Amino acids can play different roles in plants such as stress reducing agents. Amino Acids help the plant improve nutrient absorption throughout the leaves and roots and increase plant growth and vigor. 

REDSTAR has seen tremendous results in trials using Amino Acids including their very own REDSTAR BRANDED Product, NOVASTAR.






Every farmer knows there are differences within a field. Some parts give better yield, while the other areas give very little. When farmers do not consider these inherent differences and provide nutrients and treatment uniformly, their prescriptions are inaccurate, adding unnecessary costs to their operations. Precision farming optimizes output by targeting the fine spatial differences in a farm. Inputs are given in amounts needed, where needed, and when needed. 

All stages of agriculture can be optimized through precision farming, increasing yield while keeping costs lower.

Through the REDSTAR RX Precision Program our Team of trained professionals collect the necessary data needed about the field conditions, crop growth, and yield in different parts of a farm. Before growers can take action, our Team then analyzes the collected data to determine what their soil and crop needs are. When growers get their reports, they can then make data-driven management decisions. Ensuring that input use is optimized and costs are cut at each stage of the crop cycle. REDSTAR  RX not only looks at the soil characteristics but goes after a balanced approach of soil and plant health. 

Farm size doesn't matter. Precision farming is suitable for big farms and smaller family farms. REDSTAR has everything you need to bring your plant potential to life.


  • Soil Sampling

    • Composite

    • Zone

    • Grid

    • Soil Health Testing

  • Tissue Testing

  • Crop Scouting

    • Drone Scouting

  • Custom Prescriptions based on soil and crop needs

  • Top Precision Technology Platforms

REDSTAR is large enough to supply you with the products you need, when you need them. With over 4 million gallons of storage, REDSTAR has the size to support every farm size big and small. REDSTAR boosts state of the art facilities, offering simple and efficient loadout. From custom applications to do-it-yourself, REDSTAR has thought out each process making your experience at all REDSTAR locations a positive one.




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