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The REDSTAR product line includes liquid starters, foliar fertilizers, micronutrients, adjuvants, chemicals and more. All products in the REDSTAR line-up were specifically created to provide area farmers with the right products for their fields and growing conditions.


The REDSTAR Branded Fertilizer line starts with an exclusive offering of high quality, low-salt liquid starter fertilizers. All products in this line contain 80% orthophosphate and 20% polyphosphate, and are designed to be seed safe for in-furrow placement or 2x2 banding. These products are also chloride-free, 100% water soluble, and feature a near neutral pH. The STARter products are compatible with most herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides as well as EDTA chelated micronutrients, including the MicroSTAR micronutrient blend from REDSTAR.

Chemicals & Adjuvants

When your in need of chemical support for your field operations, whether it's soybeans, corn or other row crops, this is the best place to start. Working with major manufacturers and generics, get started on the right path for better field production, profit and protection. Let the REDSTAR Adjuvant line help your chemicals work harder.


REDSTAR Fertilizer line, Powered by REDSTAR, LLC includes liquid starter, foliar fertilizers, micronutrients, and more. All products in the REDSTAR line-up were specifically created to provide area farmer with the right fertilizers for their fields and growing conditions.

Dry Fertilizer

When you have access to custom blended granular fertilizer, you can fine-tune your crop fertility program and potentially improve crop production efficiency. This can result in more profitable crop production for your farm. Prevent loss with our branded slow release option STARGUARD.

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