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Bulk Warehouse Advisor– Leigh, NE

REDSTAR is now seeking an OTR Full-Time CLASS A Team Truck Driver. Touch the house multiple times per week. We prioritize our drivers and commit to your success with great driving jobs on the road, and quality time off the road.


Job Summary

The Bulk Warehouse Advisor is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a bulk warehouse facility. They are tasked with optimizing storage, inventory management, and logistics to ensure the smooth flow of bulk products while minimizing costs and maintaining safety and compliance standards.


Warehouse Operations Management:

  • Oversee and coordinate all activities related to bulk warehousing, including receiving, storage, and shipping.

  • Ensure efficient utilization of storage space, equipment, and personnel.


Inventory Management

  • Implement inventory control procedures to maintain accurate stock levels and minimize losses.

  • Monitor and manage the rotation of bulk products, adhering to FIFO or LIFO principles as appropriate.


Safety and Compliance

  • Continuously analyze warehouse processes and recommend improvements to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs.

  • Implement automation and technology solutions where applicable.


Quality Control

  • Implement quality control measures to inspect incoming bulk shipments and ensure they meet quality standards.

  • Address quality issues promptly and effectively.

Please Contact Andy Method 

402.350.7247 or

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