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Crop Consulting

From questions on soil fertility, pest and weed management, to seed selection and technology advances, REDSTAR can help deliver a bigger bottom line. By building a relationship with REDSTAR, we can help you make the right decision for your farm.

Precision Farming

Looking for a tool to map your irrigated and non irrigated corners for insurance? REDSTAR has the tools to handle that and all your other precision farming needs.

Soil Sampling & Tissue Testing

Test results provide you with soil nutrient levels and fertilizer recommendations when needed. Once you have applied something to your field you can't take it back. So when it comes to determining your soil constraints and fertilizer requirements, guesswork can waste money and valuable time, or even create another problem.

Seed Treatment

Offering custom seed treatment of soybeans. With a state of the art facility and treater, we are capable of providing the best application and treatment available.

Planter Set-Up

Did you know REDSTAR does planter set-up on all makes and models? On-site with our custom manifold and pump stands. Various options available to monitor and control flow.

Seed & Fertilizer Delivery

Delivering seed and fertilizer to your farm or field. Seed trailers and fertilizer tanks available.

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