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If you get hurt at work, it's crucial to follow a set process not only for your health and safety but also to ensure that the incident is properly documented and managed. 

For Serious Injuries
Emergency Services: If the injury is life-threatening or severe,
           < Time is often of the essence in preventing further harm.


Informing Workplace Immediately: If possible, or as soon as you are able to, inform your workplace (HR Department or an owner) about the 

  incident and your need for emergency care. 
            < If you're unable to do so yourself, try to have a colleague, healthcare provider, or another individual notify your employer  
               on your behalf.
            < Documentation: While the initial focus should be on receiving medical care, it’s important that the incident is documented  
               accurately as soon as possible after the event. This includes noting the time, location, and cause of the injury, as well as any 
               witnesses with the HR Department.


For Less Severe Injuries
Immediate Notification: Inform your HR Department as soon as you sustain or discover an injury, no matter how minor it may seem.
            < Some injuries might not appear serious initially
            < If you are unsure how severe the injury is and choose to be looked at by a doctor, please visit your family doctor or go to

               the nearest Urgent Care
            < DO NOT GO TO AN EMERGENCY ROOM, unless advised otherwise.
            < If you choose to go to a Doctor or Urgent Care please advise them this is work related and give them our name and address. 
               REDSTAR, LLC 48303 115th Ave, Leigh, NE 68643
            < Report back in person or by phone or text immediately after receiving treatment.



Follow-Up Medical Care
Follow through with any recommended medical treatments or check-ups. Keeping detailed records of your visits, treatments, and any communications with healthcare providers is important.


Workers Compensation (if applicable)
If your injury is eligible for workers' compensation, the HR Department will begin the claims process as soon as possible.

Follow Work Restrictions

If your doctor provides work restrictions or modifications, ensure the HR Department is aware and can accommodate these changes to prevent further injury.


Stay in Communication

Keep open lines of communication with the HR Department and any other relevant parties throughout your recovery.

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