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Please Contact Jerry Osten 


Redstar is committed to serving our agricultural producers while leading them in their crop production plans throughout the growing cycle. We strive to provide quality tested and high performance products that meet or exceed our customers needs and expectations. Our greatest intent is building lasting relationships with our customers-our most valuable asset.

• To serve you effectively throughout the entire growing cycle: Pre-Season, Planting, Harvest, and After Harvest.

• To provide you with proven, quality, and high performance products that fit your fertility needs.

• To build lasting relationships with all our customers, by providing around the clock, excellent customer service.

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Build REDSTAR products line based on nutrient demand curve(s) and grower needs.


Work to develop products that are differentiated from nationals to provide our dealers & growers with greater value.
  (Back intergate to direct with manufacture or build it ourselves).

Use the success of the starter business to drive enhanced starter & foliars baised on the nutrient demand curves.

Focus portfolio to fit nutrient demand of the crop based on the growers goals and high yield objectives.

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Reduce customer’s

crop risk.


Help solve

production problems.


Lower cost per unit of production by increasing yields,

quality or ROI.

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